Financial Planning

529 College Savings Plan:

As tuition costs climb, saving early for education is key.

- Tax-Advantaged 529 Savings Plans are one of the most popular options for making sure school expenses will be covered when your child reaches college age.

401 (k) Planning:

Our financial planners can help you make decisions that reflect:

- Client Goals and Risk Tolerance

- Percentage Taken out of each Paycheck

- Which Investments these Contributions are Going to

403 (b) Plans:

Primiarly offered to employees of government and tax-exempt groups. Same as a 401 (k) plan, employees can defer money from paychecks into their 403 (b) account. Sometimes these are offered as Roth versions.

Asset Allocation:

Leave it to Celtic Wealth to help with your Asset Allocation, which can acccount for 90% of your investment's variability.

- Our professionals strike the right balance between stocks and bonds for our clients' risk-and-return expectations.